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Most Popular Summer Wedding Hair And Makeup Trends 2024

Can you hear the wedding bells? It sounds like the time has already come when all the Bellas will hunt for the season’s best wedding hair and makeup trends that will make them stand out of the crowd. Because it’s Summer wedding season!

The wedding season brings a new wave of trends that promise to make your big day really distinctive as the flowers bloom and the warmth of summer approaches. And staying ahead of the trends while disrupting the monotonous status quo is now the key to a gorgeous bridal or bridesmaid appearance – from alluring hairstyles to stunning makeup.
With blooming flowers and golden sunlight as backdrops, you would definitely call for fresh, radiant, and stylish hair and makeup trends. At Miracola Salon, we strive to offer the best looks that will suit you, ensuring every bride looks and feels her best on her special day.

In this blog, our experts have created the most demanding, top wedding hair and makeup trends for Summer 2024 to help you achieve a flawless and unforgettable look.

Don’t miss out! Consult with our hair and makeup artist in Inland Empire today for a personalized approach.
And let’s get started!

Best Wedding Hair Trends 2024

1. Soft Waves and Loose Curls

Soft waves and loose curls continue to be a favorite among brides for spring and summer weddings. This classic hairstyle goes well with both traditional and boho wedding themes. It radiates casual elegance. The carefree, spontaneous appearance of waves and curls lends a hint of romance and is ideal for outdoor weddings or destination weddings where the wind can elegantly play through your hair.

2. Braided Accents

This year, braids will be a huge hit again, giving bridal hairstyles a whimsical and detailed touch. This style is charming and versatile, whether it’s a straightforward braid incorporated into a casual updo, a fishtail braid flowing down the back, or tiny braids framing the face. Brides looking for a unique, yet classic style prefer braided embellishments as they can be customized to fit both formal and informal wedding settings.

3. Low Chignons and Buns

Brides looking for a refined and elegant appearance can opt for sophisticated low chignons and buns. These trendy hairstyles allow the bride’s face and attire to take center stage by keeping the hair neatly tucked away.
Match your makeup!

Focus on flawless base and soft shades. Smokey eyes or bold lips can add drama, while natural tones help you keep it classic. With low chignons and messy buns, choose bolder eyes with nude lips, or vice versa.

4. Natural Texture

Embrace your natural hair texture!

Modern days call for more and more brides to choose to highlight their natural straight, curly, or waved hair. This is a significant effort to embrace and highlight their natural beauty.

Natural texture pairs beautifully with fresh, dewy makeup for a unified and elegant bridal look.

Best Wedding Makeup Trends 2024

1. Dewy and Glowing Skin

The signature look of bridal makeup for the summer of 2024 is radiant, glowing skin. Using light-reflecting, moisturizing foundations and highlighters is essential to achieving a dewy complexion. The crowd is also mesmerized by Korean glass skin makeup.

The goal of this approach is to bring out the skin’s inherent brightness and give it a more youthful, fresh appearance. Because dewy skin accentuates the natural sunlight and gives brides a dazzling, ethereal radiance, it is the ideal skin type for Summer weddings.

2. Soft Pastel Eyeshadows

This season, pastel eyeshadows in tones of lavender, blush pink, mint green, and light blue are expected to be very popular in bridal makeup. Talk to our bridal makeup artist in Yorba Linda or Inland Empire and get the best recommendations for subtle tones that can bring a pop of color without competing with your natural glow.

3. Bold Lips

Bold lips are also making a statement in 2024, even if natural, soft styles are currently popular. From a dramatic and colorful splash of color such as rich reds, deep berries, and vivid corals, Summer brides can choose a dramatic lip style while keeping the rest of their makeup in neutral tones to create a sophisticated posh look.

4. Minimalist Makeup

Minimalist makeup is all about enhancing natural beauty with a “less is more” approach. Neutral hues, light coverage foundations, and subtly enhancing features are all part of this trend. Get defined lashes, well-groomed eyebrows, defined eyes with graphic liner, natural brows with eyebrow lamination and a bit of blush.

You can play around with bold lines, geometric forms, and imaginative eyeliner designs with this trend. Whether you choose a more elaborate eye look or a modest wing, graphic liner gives your bridal makeup a contemporary, edgy twist. Our experienced makeup artists can create precise and striking eyeliner looks that accentuate your eyes and add to your overall bridal beauty.

Final Takeaway

We at Miracola Salon understand that one of the most important days of your life is your wedding. Our professional makeup artists and hair stylists are committed to making your bridal experience unforgettable. Unlock even more possibilities! Our specialists at Miracola Salon can help you find the ideal solution within your budget.