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Top 8 Hair Trends for Summer In 2024

As the peachy, sun-kissed days of summer are approaching fast, it’s time to revamp your look and embrace the hottest hair trends of the season. Pick the right Hair Salon in Orange County and get a unique look to enjoy your vacation days. From vibrant colors to effortless styles, the Summer of 2024 promises to be a playground of self-expression and freedom.

Why Summer Hair Care Is Important?

Regardless of the color or type of hair you have, summertime hair care is crucial. Your hair may suffer from breakage, frizz, and dryness as a result of the extensive sun, heat, humidity, and outdoor activities. While heat and humidity can bring frizz and unruliness to your hair, sunlight can weaken the hair shaft and fade the color of the hair. No matter what kind or color of hair you have, you can make sure it looks and feels its best all summer long by giving it extra care – by visiting the most reliable hairstylist in Orange County at Miracola Salon.
At our Hair Salon in Orange County, we’re excited to unveil the top 8 hair trends that will dominate the scene this summer. These trends will definitely motivate your next salon visit, whether you’re in the mood for a dramatic makeover or a more minimalistic update.

1. Beachy Waves for Vacation Days

With waves that are ruffled and beachy, embrace that carefree, “just got back from the beach” vibe.
Whether you’re visiting the boardwalk near the coastal area or relaxing by the pool, this classic summer favorite hair trend is ideal for giving your hair movement and texture. Miracola’s professional hairdresser in Orange County knows the right ingredients to twist damp hair for the desired beachy effect while pampering every strand of your hair and enhancing the overall look for days. They will also suggest natural products and treatments so that you can enjoy the look for a longer time.

2. Sun-Kissed Balayage in Orange Country

Add dimension and warmth to your hair with sun-kissed balayage highlights. The sun’s natural highlights are mimicked by the lived-in, organic effect that is produced by this hand-painted process. It is time-consuming but definitely worth it!

For a subtle pop of color, go for soft caramel tones or go bold with honey-blond hues for a style that makes a statement.

Ask your stylist about gloss treatments for extra vibrancy and heat protection necessary in this season.

3. Pastel Pop – True Spring-Summer Shades

It’s time to channel your inner unicorn with pastel hair colors that scream for summer fun. From soft lavender to cotton candy pink, pastel hues add a beautiful spring-summer touch to your look. The overall look feels fresh and modern. Soft, muted hues like lavender, baby pink, or mint green add playful personality to your locks.
But it also depends on your personal choice, complexion and requirements. Don’t be afraid to experiment and ask your hairstylist to suggest the colors and color portion that will instantly uplift your look.

4. Curtain Bangs – A Flirty Touch for Any Length

Soft, curtain bangs evoke retro beauty with a modern touch and they also help frame your face. These attractive and adaptable face-framing fringes lend a delicate touch to any hairdo. For wider foreheads, consider bangs starting higher and sweeping outwards. Narrower foreheads benefit from softer, wispier bangs starting closer to the brows.
With expert guidance from our experienced hairdresser in Orange County, you’ll be rocking curtain bangs that flatter your unique features and hair!

5. Braided Accents – Natural Looks for Daily Life

Elevate your summer hairstyle with braided accents that add texture and visual interest. Hollywood celebrities like Zendaya, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Hailey Bieber, and social influencers have been seen enjoying braided accents in summer.
What is stopping you then?

You can opt for a sleek French braid or a bohemian-inspired fishtail for an effortless yet unique look. Braids are a versatile way to keep your hair off your face while still looking chic and stylish.

6. Neon Lights – Shine Like a Diamond

Neon hair colors that grab attention can make a statement. Think electric green like Billie Eilish’s recent roots or fiery orange à la Bella Thorne, or even a bold blue inspired by Maisie Williams.

These striking colors, which range from neon green to electric blue, are ideal for people who wish to stand out from the crowd. For optimum effect, wear neon hair in a sleek, straight style or experiment with a multicolored neon ombre. If you are not too confident with this, rely on your hairstylist in Orange County and ask for a suitable neon shade.

7. Wet Look – Hollywood Fresh

Channeling that just-showered hair shine and omitting the requirement of real water — is the essence of the wet look trend in 2024.

Wet hair looks can be translated into glossy, slicked-back looks, textured waves, or even buns and ponytails with a wet look. This look brings an elegant drama and carefree chill. Recently, Bella Hadid sported mermaid waves on the runway, and we all know how much Kim Kardashian loves to rock a wet hair look.

Are you prepared to jump right in? Consult your stylist to get the ideal wet look for you!

8. Hair Accessories Galore

Elevate your summer hairstyle with playful hair accessories that add a touch of elegance to your look.
Hair accessories, such as bejeweled clips or enormous bows, are a playful and simple way to give your hairdo a unique touch. Ask your hairstylist and don’t hesitate to try a variety of styles and arrangements and discover the ideal accessory for your summertime aesthetic.

Conclusion – Summertime Means Deep Hair Care

Don’t forget the power of healthy hair! Nourish your locks from within with a balanced diet and regular salon visits. Invest in quality hair care products suited to your specific needs.
At Miracola Salon, our experienced hair stylists are here to help you find the perfect look that complements your individuality and embraces the Orange County summer spirit. Schedule your consultation today and let’s create a hairstyle that makes you shine!